Zonca can be reached from the Swiss border via the main road running from Brig, over the Simplon pass (Sempione in Italian) through Domodossala to Villadossola (look for the signs “Valle de Antrona”). There is a quicker route through the mountains by train (confusingly indicated as “ferry” on GPS equipment). If you aren’t interested in seeing magnificent mountains or want to shorten your journey it is possible to drive through the Gothard tunnel which is ±20 kilometers long.

For those arriving or leaving by train there is a shuttle from Domodossola to Brig. In Brig there are international trains heading north (Germany, Netherlands etc.) It is actually possible to buy a train ticket all the way to Basel in the train! You do need a creditcard or bankcard though.

From Villadossola there are local bus services (see the Bordo website for details).

From Milan airport to Villadossola it is about 90 kilometers by car. There is also apparently a bus service that takes a little over 1 hour. In short, for international travelers arriving by air, the nearest airport is Milan.

Zonca is situated at an altitude of ± 750 meters above sea level. The village can be accessed in two ways: from behind the church in Seppiana (which is on the main road leading all the way up the valley) there is a footpath leading up to Zonca. The path is marked. It is a 45 minute climb, relatively steep in places though well paved, but not suitable for anyone who is not in good physical condition. The path is bisected towards the end by a road which must be followed to the parking place where it resumes (on the right) for another 50 meters until you reach the church of Zonca.

In addition, there is a paved road that starts just beyond Seppiana (up the valley). This is by far the better option for people who are not in good shape. The road has a barrier and is only accessible to locals or to those who have made arrangements (see contact page). This road is not in good condition and is rather steep. Parts are unpaved and potholed. The road ends at a parking place where about 5 cars can park. From there you can find a path leading up to the church of Zonca.

The map below shows only the last stage of your journey, from Villadossola up the valley to Seppiana.