Music consistutes an important part of life and can play a big role in bringing people together, especially as a community. Zonca certainly has its share of good musicians and singers. We are currently vacating the existing music room and now have access to a new space, near the pizza oven in the center of the village.

The music room is not just a space equipped for playing music, it is at once a common room for eating together when it is too cold outside, for celebrations, presentations and any type of gathering.

There are frequent celebrations and festivals in Zonca and it is very nice to have a common space. We are currently involving volunteers in fixing up the new music room and making it suitable for all these activities. We are still in need of musical equipment, including speakers, amplifiers and recording tools.

One plan that has emerged recently is to create a songbook in which we collate all songs we like to sing together, including songs for various occasions and for children. Singing and playing music together is a great way to celebrate life and togetherness. We frequently have visitors who join in. Everyone is welcome!