Casa in Mezzo

The “Casa in Mezzo” (featured above) is situated along the main thoroughfare (Via Roma nr. 5) The appartment at the top is owned by DW. As you approach it you will see an icon of the Virgin Mary. Only the top floor is available to visitors. The entrance has a double opening door and is painted yellow.

Because the Casa in Mezzo is used to house volunteers it is sometimes unavailable for visitors. If you are interested in staying here you need to contact the caretakers in Zonca, Miki and Fabienne. You can get in touch with them using their contact form here.


Interior View


Interior View


Attic bedroom

The 'Casa in Mezzo' was bought through a crowdfunding project. It consists of a large living room annex kitchen, a balcony facing the valley and an attic that serves as a bedroom. There is also a water toilet (one of the few in Zonca) annex bathroom (the shower is not yet functional but will be solar heated).

There is a solar panel hooked up to a 12 volt battery that powers LED lighting suitable for reading. You can attach a car socket USB connector and charge mobile phones.

The house is not well insulated and requires heating during the winter months. There is a woodstove and a gas range.

Because the house was bought through a crowdfunding project priority is owed to donors from that project. When it is empty it is available for volunteers through Miki and Fabienne (who can be contacted from the Casa Free Spirit page).

Staying in the Casa in Mezzo

A set of guidelines concerning use of the house is available to guests. You can download it here. Visitors ARE expected to read these guidelines and to adhere to them throughout their stay. This will ensure that you are always welcome to come back and is also quite a nice feeling for the owner of the house!


Guests are accountable for maintaining the property in good shape, including cleaning, shutting off water, taking waste with them to the recycling bins, upon departure and so on.

If you plan to stay at the Casa in Mezzo, make sure you bring your own bedding! (Sheets, sleeping bag, pillowcase and / or blankets).

Thanks for contacting us !